Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Do you oil pull?

I tried a few years back and failed to make it a habit so I’m trying again. I think the things that is the hardest for me is to remember to do it before I come downstairs and have my coffee in the morning. If I forget then I have to wait for the next day to try again – bummer! It is recommended that you oil pull on an empty stomach so I guess I should bring my supplies downstairs and keep them by the coffee pot instead of in my bathroom! Hey that’s a thought!

Why Start?

So why bother with the hassle of starting a new habit at my age? Surprisingly, as I get older oral health is more and more important to me. Dentist visits reveal older teeth that aren’t as resilient as they used to be and I’ve had more dental work in recent years than I care to have in my future! So I’m interested in anything that can prevent pain in the dentist chair!

What Are the Benefits?

Oil pulling is said to draw toxins out of your body and disinfect your mouth and gums without the harsh chemicals contained in many common over the counter solutions. Coconut oil is most commonly used as it is more palatable in the realm of taste but it does take some getting used to the texture.


It is recommended to swish the oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and I found that 20 minutes at first was very difficult to do. I was so surprised at how tired my cheeks were! So I have been doing just 10 minutes to start but I have heard some people say that the full 15-20 minutes isn’t really necessary to enjoy the benefits.


When you are done pulling make sure to spit the oil into the garbage can since oil in your drains over time can cause build up and then an unexpected plumbing bill! Tip:  Some people brush their teeth after pulling but I don’t like to brush right before my morning coffee. Since I’m not a fan of the greasy feeling that my mouth has after I’m done pulling I also keep some baking soda with my supplies and do a short baking soda and water rinse after. It does the trick and leaves my mouth feeling clean but not minty!

How About You?

I’m interested in hearing from you if this is something you are doing. I’ve heard great things about how well this works for others and how it also whitens teeth. I can’t say I’ve done it consistently enough to enjoy all of the benefits yet but I’m definitely working on making this a part of my regular routine. If you do it and you love it please comment below and let me know how long it took for you to see the benefits for yourself and if you found it worth the effort.

Be Well!

The Many Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is actually an amazing oil! Who knew? I always associated it with the red and white candies and toothpaste but this simple oil has so many uses I need to buy a new bottle almost every month!

How do I use it?

Peppermint is commonly used for headaches – mix a few drops in a roller ball with the oil of your choice and apply to the site of your ache. It’s not only helpful but the cooling is an added benefit!


Another common use of peppermint is for upset tummies. When I was a kid my mom always kept peppermint candies in her purse for the upset belly when she’s out and about.


But did you know that the same headache roller ball I mentioned earlier when used on the wrists can stave off motion sickness? As someone who has suffered with this as long as I can remember I was thrilled to learn about this natural remedy! I also have a felt pad aroma diffuser for my car and I’m using peppermint oil there to help my daughter who also suffers [although she’s convinced it’s my driving – I guess that could also be a factor! 🙂 ]


Peppermint is also amazing for hot flashes! I know I am leery of taking any hormone cocktails for menopause so I’m ecstatic to hear that a little peppermint on the back of the neck immediately starts the cooling process. My yoga teacher also mixes a few drops in a spritzer with water and in my hot yoga class uses it to give us some much needed relief! That’s also a great idea for outside summer parties or days at the pool when we get overheated!


These are just a few ideas to get you started using peppermint oil – it’s a must have and it’s also a reasonably priced oil so give it a try!



If you are dying to get your hands on some good quality peppermint oil but don’t know how, check out my essential oils page and pop over to my retail site for a bottle of your own. Or email me at tinasessentials@gmail.com and I can help you get your own bottle!

Be Well!